Gateway Works to Strengthen our Community

Gateway Mortgage Group gave two very cherished donations to local nonprofits recently. 
The company donated $5,000 to Mama T’s, which helps the homeless. It also gave $5,000 to the Ada Regional United Way.
“It’s all about strengthening community and strengthening families,” said Michael McElroy, branch manager at Gateway. “It is our company motto from our owner and founder, Kevin Stitt. These organizations exemplify those principles and Ada is very fortunate to have them.” 

Gateway Mortgage Group recognized its Ada branch as second place in their 2016 Performance Quality Challenge. The challenge was based on such criteria as performance surveys from customers, quality of loan processing and closing percentage. The second-place prize earned the charitable money of $10,000 from Kevin Stitt, CEO and founder of Gateway Mortgage Group. McElroy, the Ada branch manager, was then given the opportunity to donate the money to any local charity if his choice.
“We really are very appreciative of it,” said Judy Cantrell, Mama T’s board member. “Right now, our need is more funds to finish our building ... so we appreciate it so much, along with all the end-of-the-year donations that have been given by Gateway and so many others in our community.”
“We wanted to invest the money where it would make the longest-lasting impact,” said McElroy. “That’s why we chose to give $5,000 to Ada Regional United Way and $5,000 to Mama T’s Bread and Blessings.”
“We are so very grateful for this donation,” said James Jackson, executive director of Ada Regional United Way. “I hope that other community members and businesses will take Gateway Mortgage Group as an example and see that investing in Ada Regional United Way is really about investing in the future of our community. We are working hard to address the complex community issues that we see. We coordinate the caring power of the community through coalitions and recruit the people with the resources, passion and expertise to get things done. That’s what it means to live united!”
Article originally appeared in The Ada News on January 03, 2017.