Early Childhood Advisory Council

About the Early Childhood Advisory Council

The Early Childhood Advisory Council is focused on improving the lives of children pre-natal through 5 years old and their families. 

They have four main focus areas that help to guide their planning, decision making and execution. 

  • Childhood Health: Children will be born and remain healthy.
  • Parent Education: Families nurture, teach and provide for their young children.
  • Child Care: Families with young children are able to find and afford high quality child care when needed.
  • Childhood Literacy: Children enter school prepared to learn and continue to succeed.

Every month the Early Childhood Advisory Council meets on the 3rd Wednesday from 11:30am - 1:00pm to collaborate on how to impact these four focus areas in our community. These meetings are open to the public. 

Communicy Conversations

Every quarter in 2016, Ada Regional United Way and the Early Childhood Advisory Council are hosting a community conversation centered on one of the four main focus areas.

You can register for the current Community Convesation by clicking here.